When looking for a school for my son, I wanted it to be of the view that every child is a creation of God, has potential, and can be taught, it just depends upon how the teaching is done and the rate at which the child can learn.  I am blessed and delighted to say that my son has thrived at Riverdale in all areas of life and learning; academically he has not only caught up but surpassed expected performance for his age.
It is with great confidence that I recommend Riverdale Christian Academy.
       -Cheryl I.
Love that our homeschooled children can have 2 days/week at Riverdale to be with other students & teachers! When times are just so that you need to make a change, check out Riverdale! It’s worked great for us.
     -Trisha K.
Our daughter was having a very difficult time in school. She was falling behind and the school she was attending at the time wouldn’t do anything for her. As a parent I had to act fast as I didn’t want our daughter to struggle or fall so far behind that there was no coming back. I came across Riverdale Academy and I decided to give them a call, it ended up being the best thing we ever did. I had a meeting with Ellen and she went through everything with me and heard all of our frustrations as a parent and the frustrations of our daughter. We decided to take the leap of faith and enrolled our daughter into Riverdale Academy, it has paid off BIG time! Our daughter is thriving and at the level she should be for Grade 3. She comes home from school and is excited about all the things she accomplished, and for a parent with a child that has struggled it’s an amazing feeling. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to join Riverdale Academy, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Riverdale Academy for all your hard work and dedication you have put into our daughter, we are forever grateful!!!! THANK YOU!!
   -Chantel L.