Ellen Logan

Head Teacher/Principal
E-mail: info@riverdaleschool.org
Brief info

Ellen Logan has completed her Masters of Education though Nipissing University in March of 2016. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in May of 2014. Studying education has provided her with knowledge on how people learn and how to adapt to individual needs. Sociology provided her with the foundation of how society and individuals interact with each other, as well as how children grow and develop. Studying how people interact with each other enables her to provide superior service to people of all personalities.

Studying education at the graduate level built upon this foundation in providing her with information on how students best learn. She has found that students learn best when the learning is relevant and engaging to them. In her Master’s program, she has taken courses in special education as well as curriculum and teaching and pedagogy. Her Sociology program consisted of courses on personal interaction, developmental psychology, and family sociology.