Sponsor a Student


Riverdale is a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (81127 4521 RR0001).

Riverdale’s mission is to reach out to the less fortunate in our local community. Although our focus is on education, we wish to ensure all the needs of students are taken care of. Private education is expensive. We desire to provide individualized, quality, Christian education to all students who seek it, and we cannot do so without your support.

We receive several requests for tuition assistance from students. These students are severely struggling to excel academically and socially. Students who do not feel enthusiastic about school and are taking an emotional toll from their struggles in school are at risk for dropping out. Students who drop out are at risk for not finding a job and resorting to crime.

Riverdale does not wish to turn away any student in need. For this reason, we are looking for generous donors who feel led to sponsor a student either fully or partially.

Please help us to help these students succeed both in education and in life.

In return for your donation, a charitable donation receipt.

Please email us at info@riverdaleschool.org for more information or to inquire about sponsoring.

thank you